Surprising and Effective home remedy for Baldness Cure and Hair Growth


Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally

If you are losing hair, then it’s not less than a nightmare. Many people become frightened because of losing hair and want the natural Hair Growth treatments at home without using any chemical products. Falling of hair is also termed as Baldness or Alopecia. The continuous falling of hair may lead to baldness and it a worse feeling ever. There are many reasons for hair fall and baldness that can be treated by taking some precautionary measures.Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally

Home remedy for Hair Growth

There are many reasons that your hair is growing accurately in time and proper proportion. Genetics is one of the main reasons that stop the growth of hair. Certain of treatments are present to get rid of this issue naturally but these are time taking or one should not get desired results. I am sharing a cheap, less time consuming and effective home remedy to grow your hair fast and strong without using any chemical product.

Aloe Vera gel to Promote Hair Growth

The use of Aloe Vera Gel to increase the growth of hair naturally is a well-known home remedy from ancient times. People use Aloe Vera plant to treat many skin problems and other issues. It plays a vital role in the balancing of pH level of hair and scalps. It works tremendously by penetrating deep into the scalp and encourage the Hair Growth.

Things we need:

  • Aloe Vera stalk
  • Water
  • Soaked towel

Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally


  • In the first step, take a stalk of fresh Aloe Vera plant.
  • Now, cut it from the center to extract the pulp from the stalk.
  • After that, take that pulp in your hand and gently massage with fingers on your scalp and along the length of the hair.
  • Make sure that your hair is already washed before applying the gel.
  • Do massage in the circular motion in your scalp.
  • Then, leave the hair for about four to five hours so, the scalp can absorb the nutrients from Aloe Vera Gel.
  • After that, wash your hair with the cold water and tie them in a wet towel for some time.
  • Use the process twice a week after taking a bath.

Home remedies for Baldness Cure

In the old times, baldness and hair falling was associated with the aging. As it is a side effect of aging but nowadays, we can see even youngsters are suffering from this issue. There were different types of baldness or hair fall from which you can suffer. You have to get identify the symptoms of hair fall and then, follow the top 3 remedies that I am going to share with you to get rid of excessive hair loss and promotes Hair Growth naturally within few days of using.

  1. Castor Oil for Baldness Treatment

Massaging with castor oil to treat baldness and promotes Hair Growth is the best-known therapy in the world. It stimulates the roots of the hair and encourages the circulation of the blood in hair. Castor oil nourishes the hair scalp with the healthy fats and nutrients. Have a look at the given homemade treatment by using castor oil to avoid hair fall.

Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally


In the remedy, you will need two tbsp of pure castor oil and then lukewarm it on scalps by using your fingers. Leave it for overnight and then wash in the next morning. Repeat the remedy thrice in a week to get better and desired results within few weeks. You can also add egg in the oil for smoothness.

  1. Coconut Oil for Baldness Treatment

Coconut is the popular ingredient for the treatment of baldness and hair fall. Use of coconut oil for hair growth is known as the top listed remedy. Because coconut oil is rich in nourishing fats and antioxidants, that protect the hair scalps and hair follicles. Follow the remedy given below to treat hair fall and get strong hair naturally.

Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally


In this remedy, you only need three tbsp of coconut oil. Take a saucepan and lukewarm coconut oil in it for a couple of seconds. Then, massage your scalps with the finger for 10 to 15 minutes. After five hours, rinses off the oil with regular water and shampoo.

  1. Pumpkin Seed Oil for Baldness Treatment

The use of pumpkin seed oil to treat baldness and promotes hair growth is the best home remedy because it is tested and proven to treat Alopecia. The presence of carotenes, tocopherols and beneficial nutrients in the Pumpkin seeds plays a vital role to promote the Hair Growth.
Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally

Procedure to use:

You have to take one tsp of pumpkin seed oil and one tbsp of olive oil and mix them in a mixing bowl. After mixing, apply the oil on your scalp and massage for five to ten minutes. Now, leave it for overnight and then wash in the next morning with mild shampoo. Repeat this treatment for twice in a week.

Top 10 Hair Loss Causes

There are a lot of causes of Hair loss that can be different for men and women because of the difference in the production of hormones. The main causes are listed here:

  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Burns or Injury
  3. Stress & Depression
  4. Non-Healthy Lifestyle
  5. Scalp Infection
  6. Insufficient Intake of Proteins
  7. Medical Illness
  8. Deficiency of Iron
  9. Genetic Problem
  10. Environmental Issues

Do concern all the causes mentioned above of hair fall and take some treatment for the regular Hair Growth and get rid of this condition.

Home remedies about Baldness Cure and Hair Growth Naturally

Important remedies for Hair Loss Cure

Hair fall becomes one of the most common problems that we face with the changing environment and other effects. You can treat hair fall and promote the Hair Growth in simple ways at home by following simple remedies with natural ingredients. Use these ingredients to make your hair grow faster.

  • Henna
  • Potato juice
  • Green tea
  • Beetroot juice
  • Yogurt
  • Egg white massage
  • Lemon juice
  • Amla oil
  • Onion juice mask

Use these ingredients for Hair Loss Cure and increase your Hair Growth naturally at home.