Some Surprising Effects of Vitamin D on Your Health


Effects of Vitamin D on Your Health You Must Know About

To stay healthy and fit, you need vitamins, minerals and proteins. For your health, Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins. It is essential to keep your body healthy and its deficiency causes some side effects on your health. In this video, I am going to tell you about some effects of vitamin D on your health.

Sources of Vitamin D:

According to health experts, it is important for you to sit in the sun to get the required amount of Vitamin D. In the presence of the rays of the sun, your body makes vitamin D at a faster rate. To meet this deficiency, you can also use capsules of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is found in fish, eggs, meat, liver and cereals. With your increasing age, you need to be more careful about the intake of calcium and Vitamin D especially.

Effects of Vitamin D on Your Health

  • In the human body, Vitamin D plays a fundamental role in the growth of bones and it strengthens the bones. According to health experts, the amount of vitamin D in a healthy body is about 30 nmol.
  • If the amount of Vitamin D decreases than 30 nmol, your bones become weaker. As a result, your bones are more prone to breakage. You can get vitamin D from your food and sun.
  • In the growth of your bones, calcium and other nutrients efficiently work with Vitamin D. It is due to calcium and vitamin D that your bones, joints and muscles can do their functions efficiently.
  • It is because of vitamin D that your immune system remains strong. The use of an unbalanced diet is the primary cause of the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body.
  • According to research, your body needs 10 micrograms of Vitamin D daily after the age of one year to keep your bones and muscles healthy and strong. Its deficiency causes weakness of the bones and affects your health severely.

This is all about the effects of vitamin D on your health. So, take care of your health and take a balanced diet always. Meet the deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D especially and you will stay healthy and fit.