Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm by following seven steps


Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm by following seven steps

The winter season is on. Along with many other things and perks of winter, the runny nose, cold, cough and flu are side effects of winter. These all side effects can be eradicated easily except for the phlegm that settles in your lungs and body tissues. To get rid of mucus and phlegm, I am providing you with seven easy steps to follow and your lungs and body tissues will be free of mucus and phlegm.


Seven steps to get rid of mucus and phlegm

The tips to get rid of mucus and phlegm are as follows:

Step 1


Stop intake of mucus causing food. These include:

  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Processed food

Step 2


It will keep your body warm and your metabolism working. As, mucus causing bacteria flourish in colder bodies, so keep your bodies warm as much as possible by acquiring a healthy exercise schedule.

Step 3

Avoid dryness

Mucus and phlegm increases in a dry environment so try to take a walk outside for fifteen minutes to have some exposure to humidity.

Step 4

Mucus removing tea


  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Apple cider vinegar


  • Slice some ginger and add to a cup.
  • Squeeze juice of a lemon into the cup.
  • Add a splash of apple cider vinegar to the cup.
  • Now add boiling water to the cup.
  • Rest it for five minutes.
  • Now drink the ginger and lemon tea.
  • Use this tea twice a day to get rid of mucus and phlegm.

Step 5

Use of a neti pot

  • To clean your nose (sinuses) make use of neti pot.
  • Try mixing a pinch of the himalyan salt in some luke warm water in the neti pot.
  • Now, place the nose side of the neti pot over one of your nostrils and tilt your head sidewise over a sink.
  • The water will start moving through one of your nostril and coming out of other.
  • Now, rinse the nose well.
  • Repeat this with the other nostril as well.
  • This will unblock your nose from mucus.

Step 6


  • Take some himalyan salt in a cup of warm water.
  • Gargle with this warm water in the morning.
  • It will clear your throat and help you get rid of mucus and phlegm.


Step 7

Chest massage

  • Use any kind of oil that is used for chest massage.
  • Take some drops of massage oil and gently massage it over your chest.
  • You will be relieved from the phlegm and mucus.