Add two ingredients in your shampoo and get long silky hair


Mostly, girls are worried about their short, thin and weak hair. If, you are one of them and fed up of using different shampoos, conditioner then, you are at the right place because today, I’m going to share two ingredients with you that, you just need to add in your shampoo or conditioner and get long silky hair naturally fast.


  • Yogurt water
  • Ritah powder


  • You need to take your shampoo and add yogurt water in it.
  • Add one tablespoon of ritah powder.
  • Mix it well.
  • Wash your hair with it.
  • Use it twice a week or whenever, you take bath.

It will make your hair long silky and strong. You can easily get ritah powder from your near herbalist shop. You can get variety of methods to get long and beautiful hair if, you start searching but, you may feel confused in selection of one best method. So, your search is over because this two ingredients are best for your hair growth.