Best DIY Henna Conditioner for Dry and Frizzy Hair Treatment


How to Get Rid of Dry and Frizzy Hair

Do you have rough, dry and frizzy hair? Many women face this issue, and thus, they all want to have soft, smooth, silky and straight hair. Dry and frizzy hair do not look good, and also, you cannot manage your frizzy hair easily. To look good, you need to have a good hairstyle. Your hair look good in any style when these are soft, silky and straight. How to get rid of dry, rough, and frizzy hair? Here, you will get the best solution for your hair problems. In this video, I am going to share with you the recipe to make henna hair conditioner for dry and frizzy hair treatment at home.

Homemade Conditioner to Treat Dry and Frizzy Hair

For this remedy to make a conditioner to treat dry and frizzy hair, the ingredients you will need are


  • Curd, two cups
  • Henna powder, two cups
  • Hibiscus leaves powder, two spoons
  • Amla powder, two spoons
  • Coconut oil, one tbsp
  • Tea tree oil, two drops
  • Lime juice, one tbsp


  • Take a bowl, and in it, add two cups of curd.
  • After this, add two cups of henna powder.
  • Next, add amla powder, and hibiscus leaves powder.
  • Now, add one tbsp of coconut oil, and two drops of tea tree oil.
  • Next, add one tbsp of lime juice.
  • After this, mix all these ingredient well, and make a paste.
  • The best DIY conditioner for dry and frizzy hair treatment is ready for use now.

How to Use:

Use it as henna, and let it sit overnight. If you use it as hair conditioner, leave it for one hour.  Then wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner.

This hair conditioner for dry and frizzy hair treatment is very effective, and also, it is extremely nourishing. The conditioner makes your hair super soft, smooth, silky and straight. So, follow the simple remedy if you are worried because of your frizzy and rough hair, and have beautiful hair fast and naturally.