Best Home Remedies For hair loss treatments that actually work


Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss Treatments

Millions of people suffer from hair loss. Normally, we lose fifty to hundred hairs daily and this is very horrible for us. Gradually, we don’t care about hair falls in daily life. We put them in a garbage bag and go to our daily routine. Continuously hair loss refers to baldness. It’s important to understand why is it happening? Now, we will discuss that what are the causes of baldness in men and women? How can we get rid of hair loss? Lastly, I’ll tell you the best hair loss treatments that actually work.

How to re-grow thinning hair?

Dihydrotestosterone commonly called DHT. DHT plays a vital role in the growth of the hair. Due to certain chemical reactions testosterone has the ability to transform into its divert hormone that is DHT. Scientifically, it has been proven that people having thinning hair have the excessive amount of this hormone. Mostly females lips together to find out the best hair loss treatments or how to regrow thinning hair? Firstly, we will discuss male or female pattern baldness treatment.


Causes of male pattern baldness (MPHL)

There are several causes of hair loss in men such as age, genetic disposition, disease, smoking, unhealthy diet plan, stress and other medical conditions. The most common personal hair loss cause is genetic. If your mom or dad was bald, you will too. Sometimes, that is the case but not always. DHT is the most significant cause of hair loss in men. So, men baldness likely has the sensitivity of DHT.

Causes of Female pattern baldness (FPHL)

Hair loss in women is quite similar up to the age of twenty-two. Female pattern baldness is similar to male pattern baldness, except the pattern is different. In Women, there are several reasons for hair loss.The most common reason is a female pattern hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone. An excess of the hormone can lead to hair loss.The other reasons are stress, pregnancy, medication and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Male or Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

Does everybody want to know that Is it possible to regrow hair? Yes, now it’s possible.You can get rid of baldness permanently. So, If you are looking for natural hair loss treatments. You should follow these top 5 tips that actually work.

Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food:

We all know that balanced diet plan can help you to maintain your health. A healthy diet plan will lower the risk of heart disease and many other health issues. It will also prevent hair loss.

A healthy eating plan which helps to prevent hair loss:

  • Spinach– is good food for hair because it’s rich in iron and vitamin C. in women, iron deficiency is the main cause of hair loss. It also acts a natural conditioner and has omega 3. So, make sure this food in your diet plan
  • Honey – has antioxidant properties. Honey can improve the look of thinning hair. You can also rub your scalp with this sweet honey. It will prevent hair loss and baldness
  • Walnut– it contains Vitamin A, vitamin B ( B1, B6, B9). It is also rich in protein and magnesium. So, add it to your diet because it nourishes your scalp and helps to get rid of hair loss naturally


  • It has omega 6, proteins.So, add dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese in your diet plan that are a big source of biotin that is known to fight hair loss


  • They are rich in iron, zinc, protein, and biotin.They also have folic acid which is essential to maintain the health of blood red cells that nourish skin of the scalp and reduce hair loss

Stop Shampooing your hair every day

Men and women are worried about hair loss and thinning hair. Every day they shampoo their hairs to prevent hair fall. But, they don’t know the excessive use of chemicals may harsh scalp and cause hair loss. So, stop shampooing your hair daily and nourish your scalp with oil.

Stop Shampooing

Release stress

The earlier study analyzed that stress is also a big cause of hair loss in early age. You have to try to relief stress, stress and hair loss are connected. Hair loss due to stress can occur three to five months after the stressful event. You can fix hair loss due to stress through medication, belly laugh and listen to music. You adopt a good and healthy plan to release stress as you want.

Hairstyles and dying hairs

Dying hair can also damage your hair; Ponytail and tight braids can also cause some hair loss. Avoid trying too much-pulling hair hairstyles.Dying your causes loss of proteins from your hair.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is also a big cause of baldness in men. Carbon monoxide- substances found in cigarettes, restrict the flow of blood cells and as a result. Hair follicle lack nourishment and thus, hair falls from the scalp. Avoid smoking.

These are the natural male and female baldness treatments which help to regrow thinning hairs. You should apply these in your plans for black, silky, and shiny hairs.

Best Hair loss treatment with natural ingredient

With these top 5 tips, I’ll share the best home remedy for hair loss treatment that actually works. These are natural hair regrowth treatments.

Natural Hair Regrowth Treatments 

  1. Onion juice for Hair Growth
  2. Fenugreek Seeds Hair Mask

Natural Hair Regrowth Treatments

  1. Onion juice
  • Take 2 Onions and peel off the skin.
  • Now, cut into small pieces.
  • Next, blend into a blender and extract its water.
  • Apply this water to your scalp and leave for twenty minutes.
  • It will help to regrow hair because it’s very good for folic nourishment and helps to restore nutrients to your scalp.

2. Fenugreek seeds hair mask

  • Add two tsp of fenugreek seeds and add one cup of water to it.
  • Next, leave it for ten to twelve hours or sock it overnight.
  • At morning, these seeds will double in size.
  • Now, blend it into a blender and make a thick paste.
  • After that, add two tsp of yogurt in this paste, mix it well.
  • Later, apply it on your scalp for forty minutes.
  • Then, wash off with a good shampoo.

Fenugreek seeds are extremely beneficial for treating dandruff and shiny hairs. These are two best home remedies for hair loss treatments that actually work in male pattern baldness symptoms and female baldness pattern symptoms simultaneously.