Best homemade teeth whitening formula


Yellow teeth look so ugly and unattractive. You should take care of your teeth cleaning. It is important to use good quality toothpaste and brush your teeth regularly two times a day. If, you take drugs and your teeth gets yellowish then, you don’t need to visit dentist for it because here is best homemade teeth whitening formula for you. It is great remedy and very cheap as well. If, you make your personality attractive and stunning then, it is important to make your teeth neat and clean because a good smile is enough to make good friends.


  • Sarso ka oil
  • Metha soda
  • Salt
  • Lemon peel


  • Take one tablespoon of sarso ka oil and salt.
  • Add a pinch of metha soda.
  • Now, use lemon peel to apply this mixture on your teeth as shown in video.
  • Do it regularly.

It is great remedy to remove all the yellowish color from your teeth. If, you have cavity then, you should use this mixture to remove it. Additionally, try to avoid taking drugs and other sweets that can damage your teeth.  Use mouth refresher as well to make your breath smells good. Hope, you like this remedy so, try it. \lsd