Easy Full day Diet Plan to Control PCOS/PCOD and Lose Weight Fast


Indian Easy Diet Plan for PCOS & Weight Loss

A common health issue many women are facing these days is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). Because of these issues, women are experiencing issues in conceiving. This hormonal disorder has a direct effect on the pregnancy of a woman. Therefore, it is essential to cure this condition at an early stage. If you are also suffering from this health issue, there is no need for medications now. Here, I am going to share with you a 100% effective diet plan to control PCOS/PCOD naturally.

100% Effective PCOS/PCOD Diet Plan

  1. Breakfast

In breakfast, take a smoothie. To make this smoothie, you need

  • Strawberries
  • Frozen banana, one
  • Chopped pistachios, one spoon
  • Coconut flakes,
  • Chia seeds, one spoon
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Oats, one spoon


Add strawberries, banana, and water in the blender and blend the ingredients.

After this, add other ingredients, and make a smoothie to control PCOS/PCOD and to lose your weight naturally fast. It is the best to take this smoothie after a workout.

  1. Lunch

In lunch, have the salad. For this, have a whole bunch of lettuce, small pineapple, and capsicum pieces. Top it with a whole bunch of carrots, sesame seeds, pomegranate seeds. Also, season it with orange juice, lemon juice, and salt and mix all of these ingredients well.

  1. Dinner

Take Chapatti made of pearl millet. To make Chapatti, you need to mix flour, spring onions, grated carrots and green chilies. Add some grated coconut, beetroot, radish, curry leaves, coriander leaves and fenugreek leaves. Top it with one a half to two cups of Pearl millet flour and mix the ingredients.  Use coconut oil for making this Chapatti.

Use beans with this Chapatti. To make beans, heat up coconut oil, and in it, add some mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black grams, green chilies, curry leaves and chopped beans. Season it with salt. After cooking, add grated coconut in it and eat it.

This diet plan to control PCOS/PCOD is very effective, and also, it is healthful. So, follow this diet plan and stay fit and healthy.