Effective Home Remedy for Child Growth Quickly by Dr. Umme Raheel


Home Remedy for Child Growth Quickly

Mothers are very conscious about their babies. After childbirth, the utmost desire of the mothers is to see their baby growing quickly. However, every baby does not have the same growth rate. Some babies grow too fast while the growth of some babies is slow. This issue is disturbing for the mothers and they need the best homemade solution for child growth quickly and to keep their babies healthy and strong. The growth of your child directly depends on the way you treat your baby. You must breastfeed your baby and after this, the most important is that you use a healthy and a balanced diet during and after pregnancy. In today’s video, I am going to share with you an effective home remedy for child growth quickly. Follow the remedy and see your babies growing at a faster rate.

Natural Remedy for Child Growth and Development

For this simple home remedy to boost the growth of newborn babies, the ingredients you will need are


Mustard/Olive/Almond Oil

Natural Remedy for Child Growth and Development

How to Use:

For a newborn baby, apply any one of these oils on the lower abdomen and thumb of your baby daily before sleeping at night for child growth quickly.

Benefits You Will Get:

  • This home remedy is very effective and it gives surprising results.
  • The remedy not only promotes the growth of your child. But, it is very effective to improve his/her eyesight.
  • This simple home remedy is also very good for a sharp memory. It increases the memory of your child.
  • Application of oil on the lower abdomen daily also helps in making the bones and the muscles of your child strong.
  • This home remedy also helps in the prevention of a number of skin issues.

This home remedy for child growth quickly is very effective and also, it is easy to make and easy to use. The remedy is safe for your little kids and it makes your child grow the way you want. So, follow this simple home remedy and along with this, do massage the body of your child with warm oil on a regular basis for the best results.