Home remedy to treat blood pressure


Nowadays, the high and low of blood pressure is normal. There are many reasons of up and down of blood pressure but, the main is taking stress and tensions. So, you should try to relax your mind to control it. Mostly people consult with their doctor to balance their blood pressure.  The doctor gives them medicines that are effective but so expensive, no everyone can afford it. Therefore, Today I’m going to share a great home remedy to treat blood pressure naturally without spending money. It is herbal and best way to control it.


  • White cumin seeds
  • Souf
  • Small chandan


  • Take one tablespoon of white cumin seeds and souf.
  • Add a piece of small chandan.
  • Grind the ingredients to make a powder.
  • Take a spoon of this powder two times a day after having meal.
  • You can take it with milk or water.

It is great tip to control your blood pressure naturally. You should try to minimize the quantity of salt In your meal because, salt plays a very important role to make your blood pressure high. Plus, relax your mind and avoid all stress and tensions. The high blood pressure can cause death so, be careful and follow this remedy and precautions.