Homemade fat burning tea especially for Ramadan


Mostly people put on weigh in Ramadan because; they eat a lot of oily stuff. So, first of all, you should try to minimize oily food from your diet. Secondly, you should make a tea after having a meal at night. You can have a normal green tea but if, you want to reduce weight fast then, you should try this amazing homemade fat burning tea it is very effective and gives you quick results.


  • Green tea
  • Garlic
  • Lemon juice


  • Take hot water in a pan and add garlic.
  • Include green tea and cook.
  • Now, add lemon juice according to your taste.
  • Drink it daily once a day.
  • It is best drink for weight loss fast especially in Ramadan.

Green tea contains leaves that, is very helpful to reduce weight. You should also control over your diet and drink  a lot of water at least 12 glass a day.