How to cure women feeding problem in Ramadan


In Ramadan, mother not eat full day due to which mother feed is not as powerful as a baby wants to make his tummy full. If, you are suffering from feeding problem then, you should try this remedy. It is a mixture of two ingredients that, you have to make and eat it daily to make your milk healthy for a baby. It will help you to fulfil the lack of calcium and proteins from your milk. Additionally, try to drink a glass of milk as well.


  • White cumin seeds
  • Mesri


  • You need to take 50grams of cumin seeds and mesri.
  • Mix it together properly.
  • At sehri or iftari time, take one tablespoon of this powder with water.
  • It will fulfil the milk requirements for a baby.
  • So, you should take it regularly.

Mother milk is very healthy for a baby but, sometimes the improper diet of mother, the milk stop coming that is not enough for a baby so, it is best remedy to fulfil the requirements of mother milk.