How to get a baby to sleep with natural remedy


It’s really a hard task to make a new born baby sleep at night. Motherhood is big responsibility for a girl. It is a gift of god to have a healthy child so; you should be thanks to god for his blessing. Mostly new born babies sleep at day time and wake whole night. First, you should try to change the timings of bay sleep. Make a baby play at day time so, that he/she can take a proper sleep at night. Secondly, you can use this amazing remedy for how to get a baby to sleep at night.


  • Hinkk
  • Water


  • Take a piece of hinkk.
  • Dip it into water.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • At morning, strain the water.
  • Apply this water on your baby’s body as shown in video.
  • Do it regularly.
  • You will see you baby start getting sleep at night.
  • A good and proper night sleep is a sign of healthy life so, you should use this remedy.

Hope, you will try this remedy. Hinkk is the herbal that is easily available on herbalist shops. It is not so expensive so, you can easily use it for your baby. ock