How to Recover from A Stroke Attack Quickly by Dr. Umme Raheel


Stroke Paralysis Right Side Recovery Home Remedies

What you use if you get a stroke attack? This is a serious disease, and it paralyzes the body of the affected person. As a result of it, you become unable to carry out your routine tasks. For a cure, medications are available in the markets. In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple home remedy to recover from a stroke attack. So, if someone close to you or you yourself get this health issue, there is no need to go to a healthcare provider. Make and use this remedy for instant relief.

Best Home Remedies for Paralysis Cure Immediately

To make a natural remedy at home to recover from a stroke attack, the ingredients you need are


  • Split black gram, half cup
  • Dry ginger, half cup
  • Milk, half cup
  • Water, half cup


  • Take a clean bowl, and in it, add half cup of split black gram.
  • After this, add half cup of dry ginger.
  • Grind the ingredients after this.
  • Take half cup of water, and a half cup of milk.
  • Boil this mixture, and in it, add one spoon of powdered split black gram and dry ginger.
  • Give two to four boils to make tea.
  • The best remedy to recover from a stroke attack is ready for use now.

How to Use:

Use three to four cups of this tea daily. You may mix honey or sugar in this tea for good taste. This natural tea gives strength to your body.

Tip for Stroke Cure:

To get rid of a stroke attack quickly, apply pigeon blood on the affected area instantly. It will give instant recovery.

This simple home remedy to recover from a stroke attack is easy to make and use. Also, it has all natural ingredients, and thus, it does not have any kinds of side effects. So, if you often get this health issue, do not worry. Make and use this remedy and get rid of this disease instantly.