How to remove anger from your life


Anger is a part of life. It’s a human nature to become angry sometimes. It is natural but, you should try to control your anger because it will not only damage your health but also spread negativity in your relationships. It’s the reality of life that, some situations and people are out of control. If, you are facing such people or circumstances and feel angry on them. First, you should control yourself because anger can’t solve problems so, try to be cool and relax. Secondly, use this remedy, it will overcome your anger and make you feel happy and fresh.


  • Small chandal
  • Walnut


  • You need to take small chandal.
  • Make a powder of it.
  • Eat a pinch of this powder daily at night.
  • Secondly, you have to take some walnuts as instructed in video.

You should try this remedy. It will make your brain cool and helps you to control your anger. Additionally, you should try to make yourself busy in activities, you love to do. Read books or play sports. Eat healthy foods, think positive and ignore people that spread negativity around you. These are the tips that will help you to control anger.