Lose 1 Kilo Daily with this Weight Loss Japanese Tea


Weight Loss Tea: Best Tea for Slimming Down

Being overweight has become an issue of serious concern these days all over the world. Obese people lose the charm of their personality and become a source of fun for others. For weight loss, many of you start starving, and thus, they damage their healthy body. Also, many of you start exercising too much, and thus, they get caught by various health issues. The best thing is to lose your weight in a natural way to keep your body healthy and fit. For weight loss, here, I have a magical weight loss remedy. In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make weight loss Japanese tea at home. This tea speeds up your metabolism, and also, it aids in natural weight loss. Make and use this tea and get slim naturally fast.

The Japanese Secret to Weight Loss in 20 Days


  • Orange juice, one cup
  • Red carrot juice
  • Lemon, half


  • Take a saucepan, and in it, add orange juice, and then add carrot juice.
  • Also, add one tbsp of grated orange peels in it.
  • Now, put the pan on the stove on a low flame, and boil the ingredients for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame, and in it, add the juice of half lemon.
  • Mix the ingredients, and weight loss Japanese tea is ready for use now.

How to Use:

Use the tea daily for 20 days daily at night before sleeping for the best weight loss results. Within 20 days, you will lose five to six kilos of weight.

Slow metabolism is also a cause of unwanted body fat. This weight loss Japanese tea helps to boost up your metabolism. Thus, it results in a speedy weight loss. So, if you are overweight, and you want to lose your weight naturally fast, make and use this weight loss tea regularly and get slim naturally without damaging your good health. With this remedy, take regular exercise, and also, have a good control on your diet.