Magical drink for weight loss


Fat or over weighted people are not only suffering from various health issues but, also look unattractive and ugly. In this century, fair complexion and smart slim body is highly demand of every second girl.  It is difficult to get back into shape but, it is not impossible. If, you actually want to lose your weight then, you should work hard for it. Try to eat healthy foods and do regular exercises. You can’t lose weight without having control on your diet so, first step is to take balance diet and second step is to do regular workout and the third step is to drink this superb magical drink for weight loss that I ‘m going to share in this article.


  •      Coriander seeds
  •      Water


  •        Take two glass of water in a pan.
  •        Add one tablespoon of coriander seeds in it.
  •         Boil the water until it gets half.
  •         Now, turn off the flame and strain the water.
  •        Your magical drink is ready.

 How to use:

·         Drink it regularly after having dinner.

·         It will not only reduce your tummy fat but, also work to minimize your overall body fat.

 Benefits of coriander seeds:

Coriander seeds are very effective. It is best to reduce weight fast. You should try to include coriander seeds in your daily life routine.