Milk for rough and dry hair


If, you have dry and rough hair and you are fed up of trying different oil and other methods but, get no satisfying results then, you should use milk. Yes, milk is natural remedy for your rough and dry hair. In this article, you will know the right procedure for using milk that will make your hair smooth, silky and thick. Secondly, the diet plays a very important role to make your hair healthy and strong. You need just one ingredient to get beautiful hair naturally.




  • Take a cup of milk.
  • Fill it in spray bottle.
  • Before, taking bath spray milk on your hair then, take bath after 2 hours.
  • It will make you hair smooth, silky and soft naturally.

Benefits of Milk:

Milk is source of calcium. It is very good for your hair, skin and body. If, you drink a glass of milk regularly then, it will make your bones strong and make your skin glowing and shiny. So, try to add milk in your diet to get healthy lifestyle. Milk is best for removing dandruff and roughness of hair so, try it and don’t forget to give your feedback.