Remedy to get rid of thirst in Ramadan


In this hot sunny weather, it is very difficult to fast but, true Muslims don’t care about climate they, fast for their God. If, you feel thirst and dehydration in Ramadan then, you should try this remedy, it will make you feel fresh and active whole day. Additionally, you should try to avoid foods like rice, mango achar in sehri because this type of foods make you feel thirstier. Yogurt is also very good so, you must take a spoon of it in sehri time.


  • Yogurt


  • You need to eat one tablespoon of yogurt after finishing your sehri.
  • You will not get thirsty and feel fresh whole day.

Yogurt is very healthy for your body and skin as well. it will keep your body hydrated whole day. It will also make your skin fresh and glowing in Ramadan so, must take a spoon of it. When you eat yogurt then, you don’t have to eat anything else. So, first finish your sehri then, eat one tablespoon of yogurt. It is best for the people who can’t control their thirst of water so, you should take a spoon of yogurt and feel fresh and active.