Try this Remedy for Acidity & Heartburn Cure At Home


How to Get Rid of Stomach Acidity & Heartburn

Many of you face the issue of stomach acidity. Its main cause is the use of hot and spicy foods. Sleeping after eating a meal, use of cigarettes, black coffee and wearing tight clothes also causes stomach acidity. Because of it, you cannot stay comfortable and also, you feel burning sensation in your heart. As you take some spicy food, the issue becomes even worse, and also, it affects your digestive system badly. For this health issue, here are the remedies. In this video, I am going to share with you some effective remedies for acidity & heartburn cure at home.

Remedy for the Treatment of Stomach Acidity & Heartburn

Remedy 1- Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Apple cider vinegar is the best to cure acidity in your stomach. For this remedy, take one tbsp of apple cider vinegar and one tbsp of honey. After this, mix the ingredients in one glass of lukewarm water. Use this water twice daily, and get rid of stomach acidity naturally fast.

Remedy 2 – Ginger Tea

The use of ginger tea is one of the best cures for stomach acidity and heartburn. Take two glasses of water, and in it, add five small pieces of ginger. Boil the water, and you may add sugar into it. Use this tea two times daily.

Remedy 3 – Carom Seeds

At night before sleeping, take half spoon of carom seeds and mix them with jaggery or sugar, and chew the seeds. After this, drink a glass of lukewarm water for acidity & heartburn cure.

Remedy 4 – Banana

Banana is the best for your health as it helps in the prevention of acidity in your stomach. If you face the issue of stomach acidity, you must use bananas daily.

Remedy 5 – Eat Less

If you take three big meals daily, the best tip here is to divide your meals into five or six smaller portions for reducing acidity in your stomach. The remedy also improves your digestion.

All of these remedies for acidity & heartburn cure are very effective, and natural. Follow one of the remedies and get rid of this health problem.