Women hormonal Issues Treatment by Dr. Bilquis Shaikh


Mostly women are facing with hormones problem. The irregular periods is serious issue and can be resolve within a time otherwise it can cause many other problems such as weight gain, skin acne, and pregnancy issues. It is necessary to treat irregular periods issue before marriage because after marriage you can face a problem of giving birth to baby. Today, I’m going to share effective treatment for women hormonal issues by Dr. Bilquis. It is home remedy and contains no side effects whereas; using pills or any other medical treatment for hormonal issues can damage your body health.


Watch video to know about the ingredients.


  • You need to make a powder of both the ingredients.
  • Add one tablespoon of this powder in water or milk.
  • Drink it regularly as mention in video.
  • It is very effective and great remedy. The ingredients are easily available in your near homeopathic shop.
  • If, you follow this remedy as mention in video, you can get rid of hormonal issue naturally without spending any money. Plus, it is important to take proper diet. You should take vegetables and fruits in your diet. Drink regular green tea and lemon juice as well.